Batools life in pictures 1

Another series where I make it interesting with less words and more pics! Here’s what Batools been upto…


All ready for school. She vomited the first two she had to be left in class bawling for me. I thought it would be worse!, but she calmed down after day 3 and now says ‘bye’ while still in the corridor!

Image Image

Montessori activities at school


This part is what caused the healing process of being without me, nobody compares the slides!

Image Image

Her first weekday family event, this frock is gift. I love the shoes got them from Hollywood at Abids.

Image Image

She told me she coloured the sun in class, but just couldn’t tell me how. I later figured it out when I saw the whole classes work on the bulletin board, it was sponge painting!

Image Image

And then there was the collage. It’s bouncy Bens (A letterland character) ball.

Image Image

Her first ever school homework! And boy did she test my patience.

Image Image

The end result as you can see is well….I am happy! I didn’t think she would sit through it all and finish it one go. That’s a positive change I have seen since school began, she didn’t need much assistance, I was sitting beside her for support and helping her pick colours.


The obsession with books continues, I am running out of space, I have to get her a proper storage space for her many books. Batools totally loving reading,I thought maybe she would get over them once school starts and she’s exposed to various fun activities, but strangely enough it’s not so. I am glad! Will do a detailed post on her book collection so far, and her favourites with some tips.

That’s the round up mommies……..Many more interesting posts coming up..


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