A week in Batools lunch bag 2

Monday: Macaroni and Cheese (Maggi Nutri Licious Pazzta Cheese Macaroni)

I added an extra slice of cheese to make it more yummy.


Tuesday: Chicken curry and rice It looks a little off in the image, but trust me it’s one yummy chicken curry.


Wednesday: Okra rice and green peas. The the green peas ruined the flavour of the okra, it was a fun experiment and she did enjoy it, but it took away the essence of the okra. Batool likes green peas. Will try to give them separately next time.


Thursday: Jam and butter sandwich (Kissan mixed fruit jam and Amul butter) I didn’t think she would eat even a piece, but she ate it all! Definitely going to experiment with other jams, it was so easy to make and I didn’t have to feed her the left over after coming home.


Friday: Noodles (Sunfeat yippee classic masala)


So that’s the week. Since now she’s well adjusted to the school I’m going to add more curries and rice/chapati dishes.

What does your kid enjoy in their lunch?


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