It’s time to walk the walk.

This quote is so positive.

Focus High School

Regardless of age, all of us are guilty of talking more than doing. It’s easier to preach, it’s easier to judge, it’s easier to ask someone to follow your command, but how much of trust do we have in ourselves?

The children want to control the parents, parents want to control the children, teachers want control over their class rooms, friends want control over their buddies. We want so much, we talk so much of how things should be, and how we could achieve all we would if things were a certain way. But how many of us are being truthful?


Leading by actions, has many positive effects. The most important being, generation of motivation. India has the largest youth in the world, where we lack is inspiration, we like making our own khichdi we like complicating things, we make it difficult for ourselves to achieve our goals. We talk,

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