Observing your chil

This is a great video…A must share with parents

Focus High School

There are different type of learners. For the parents it’s important to understand the type of intelligence or learning style their children have. Kids are easy to read, they are open about sharing their thoughts, and behavior. Ditto can be applied at school level, it’s important let children find their own voice, and nurture this. In the end it’s the uniqueness that each child holds that will make him successful, it is important that every child feels like he’s important, that he is a significant part of the world. We don’t want to yield robots that look and act the same, we want variety, we want wonders.

Here’s a video, where Chitra Ravi Founder and CEO of EZ Vidya sheds light on the different types of styles of learning/intelligence a child may possess, how to recognise it and make most of it.

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