Book recommendation: ‘How your personality makes or breaks your child’

This book arrived just today. Bought it on Flipkart. It’s a great book to give to young parents, I love how it’s been organised and so simple and easy to read and understand. A great book for Indian parents.

Focus High School

Self-help books are great if you’re looking to know more about parenting. They are easy to read, simple, possess a lot of important information. For parents in India, it’s important to
chayanika 2 purchase books by Indian authors who understanding the Indian parenting, and culture.

Here’s a great book that is actually a self-assessment guide for parents as well, written by Dr.Chayanika Singh. She is a specialist in parent-child relationship. The book is titled ‘How your personality makes or breaks your child’.

What makes this book great?

1. Writing style– Super easy to read, and understand. No big psychology terms to get confused over. The book is written for the everyday parent who wants to really know about how personality effects the child. There are plenty relate-able examples too.

2. Topics covered– The topics covered in the book are relevant to all parents. Anxiety, stress, marriage, single parenting, sex education…

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