Your Baby Can Read

These type of toys are specially great for Indian mommies, who want to expose their children to usage of English from early on.


Your baby can read

I was first introduced to this program by my sister whose son was at that point in time 1 year old. He was showing great promise, now wether or not he was naturally more receptive or that the reading program was helping him was questionable. None the less I really liked the set. I felt it was steering my newphews attention in the right direction.

So when I had my son, I was all geared up about him getting the right stimulus. I got the baby can read progam too. Mind you it didnt come cheap but I felt it was a long term investment and that if it helped my son in any way,  it would be worth it.

When my son entered his seventh month I started to religiously make him watch the relevant stage- up to 3 times a day. As he grew, meal times were baby can…

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