Its good to be good.

I found this post very interesting. Why? Well, how many moms have the time or take out the time to make a deliberate effort to make sure they’re giving to the society a respectable, God fearing, good person?. Even with the best intentions we are unable to process the parenting that goes into raising a human being. Our children deserve this care, they deserve to be exposed to goodness. The world wants and needs good people…..


Ever since I entered motherhood, one thought pops up into my head numerous times- How can I ensure that my son grows up to be a good human being. And what I mean by saying a good human being is being the personification of piety, humility, courage, honestly, generosity and the list is never ending.

Each day I try to make sure that my actions and weaknesses do not affect him in ways that would prevent him from being good. That way he would not be affected by my biases, my fears and my flaws. I want him to be able to take from people around him goodness and godlyness. Simply put – I want him to be good.

So for as long as he is dependent on me I can try to ensure that I allow him to see goodness and that goodness is what he should aim to…

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2 thoughts on “Its good to be good.

  1. Honestly, only a mother can teach a boy(who will one day be a man) how to love and treat women. If all mothers just made a small change in their attitude towards their sons, they would shape the future of humanity. Its very important and we as mothers tend to be so involved in dressing them, cleaning them, feeding them that (at least I often forget that ) we forget to see the bigger picture. That is; that one day our sons will be the men and they need to be good and honorable.

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    • Very true, this is especially common in the Indian mentalities. Too much attention is paid to how a girl should be when she grows up, to the point where she’s supposed to take the responsibility and burdens of other men. It’s crucial we see each other are human beings, the only species capable of training for betterment.

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