It is true, we need to cut the hypocrisy and truly lead our children by example. This is a great post for all parents.


Respect is a big concept to teach any child. But its very important for children to understand respect in all its enormity so that they are able to be respected and be respectful. I am constantly wondering what it is my son will be like when he grows up and what I want him to be like. Its a very big responsibility to have; to teach a child all the right things.

Respect I feel is possibly the most important thing that I want my son to grasp and practice all his life. Respect for all of Gods creation; the living and the non living. Treating people with respect no matter who they are, what they are and what they do. Treating animals and plants with respect, not hurting them or using them wrongly. Respecting Gods earth by treating it like it was a living thing because actually it is…

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