Potty Buissness

A legit mommy experience of potty training. An entertaining read for all mommies in this stage and beyond 😉


Let me tell you a thing or two about potties. The shops have a variety of those, you know – all kinds: horses, cats, ducks, ships and what not. But I don’t believe in scooping out poo from a potty just to put it down the WC!. Oh no, Ma’am! I absolutely do not! And, you know what? You were so better off changing nappies … you have no idea!

I always thought to myself, ‘Ah the day will come when my boy will do his business in the WC like a grown up!’ Alas, the transition from nappy to potty is, quiet simply put, a messy one. Why? I hear you ask. Let me tell you – getting my son to sit on the potty without moving about, is an impossibility. I end up with:a pooy situation, a pooy potty seat besides a pooy wc! 😦

Therefore what I…

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