The OBGYN search stress in Hyderabad pt.1/2

You found out you’re pregnant! You tested your pee via an at-home pregnancy test, or went straight to the doc. It’s been established. Congratulations!!

If this is your first or not doesn’t matter when it comes to having to deal with finding the doctor that you want to consult, if you do not have a history of pregnancy complications, you can begin the excitement party, however if you wish to change your doctor, you are in for the stress ride of your life!

I shall share with you my experience and recommendations on how to decide on an OBGYN. As a woman and mother I strongly believe it is my responsibility to share this information, pregnancy isn’t meant to be stressful, and if I can eliminate even 2% of foreseeable stress I will!

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1.     1.  Don’t blindly follow people- You will get advice on many doctors from family and friends. But it’s best to decide on your own based on your own interaction with not just the doctor but the hospital staff as well. My point is, just because your friend was satisfied with her doctor doesn’t mean that you will too. At the same time, don’t blindly follow negative advice as well; every nursing home/hospital will have hits and misses with their patients. You need to make your decision based on your personal experience, it’s good to keep your eyes and ears open and be cautious, but don’t rule out anything based on what others say.

2.     2.  First trimester experiments- Your first trimester is the best time to do doctor hopping. It’s a relatively safe zone, all doctors will put you on multivitamins. Unless it’s a high risk pregnancy, there maybe other protocol but otherwise you’re in the safe zone to not just move around physically but also emotionally you’ll be in a stable state to explore the options you have.

3.      3.Ask, ask ask!- Don’t hesistate to ask questions, you’re responsible for the little embryo in you and you owe it to him/her to be informed and make the best decisions. And you can’t make informed decisions without information! Many people are afraid to ask doctors why certain tests/medicines/procedures are being prescribed, it’s your body, you have all the right. If the doctor is confident and experienced they won’t dismiss your queries. A lot of the time the only questioning couples tend to do are with the reception about the “delivery packages”, while that is a valid and important query, how you’re taken care of during the course of the pregnancy holds a lot of weightage. Be open with your doctor, if you don’t like their tone, or the lack of attention they’re giving you voice your concerns. Sadly some doctors won’t even give you time, a student will meet you, take your history and information and you will leave confused. This happens especially if the hospital is thriving on the name they have made and not the care they provide to the patients.

4.      4. Understand that this isn’t like any other experience- 9 months is a big chunk of your life, it’s not a cold or cough, that you can make do with any random medication or advice from a so-so doctor. You have to make sure that you are emotionally able to handle what comes your way good/bad. Pregnancy complications are becoming very common, and while I wouldn’t suggest you worry about them, it’s practical to keep that in the back of your mind while choosing a doctor. Will your doctor and the hospital be able to cater to complications? Do you trust your doctor enough in scenarios of such complications. Usually you’ll know from the beginning if you would get along with the doctor, just by how they communicate and treat you in routine visits.

Stay tuned for part two with 6 more pointers……



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