Makeup Revolution London Eat sleep make-up repeat palette

I have to say I love eye-makeup. The amount of time I spend watching YouTube videos of beauty gurus is irrational. But when it came to eye shadows I don’t know why, but I always preferred single eye shadows over palettes. Only in the recent past have I understood the significance and practicality of palettes in terms of money value, and brand exposure.


When you’re new to make-up, or want to experiment with a new brand of make-up, or just want to try on different colours or textures palettes are the best way to go. Unless the brand is doing a proper rubbish job, you won’t be fully dissatisfied with any palette. Make-up revolution is known for their affordable range of make-up especially palettes. This is my third eye-shadow palette from the brand that I purchased and not only do I love it, but am tempted to buy everything the brand has to offer!


Let’s dive into pics and swatches of the Makeup Revolution Pro Looks Palette Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat

Packaging: The palette comes in a card board case. The actual palette is made of plastic and has a total of 15 shades. This is the most vibrant palette from the Pro Looks eye shadow collection. I purchased it for the same reason. It’s divided into three sections, and the layout is just beautiful. A huge mirror and a two sided sponge applicator comes with it. Eat section has a white shade on top, and they go from plain white to pearly white and end with a shimmery white. They pair well with any of the eyeshadows in the palette and the fun colours can be mixed and matched for an insane variety of looks. There’s a transparent film on top with the names of all the shades.


Starting from section 1 (swatches without and with flash)

Rave on (on top)

Say it Now, Right Now, Right Here (Left-Right)

Final Track (bottom)

Rave off (on top)

Needle On, Hot track, Re-mix (Left-Right)

Eat everything (bottom)

Repeat Again (on top)

Sleep All Day, Rave All Night, Magician (Left-Right)

Ibiza Heaven (bottom)

This palette is definitely not for the neutrals lover. I recommend it to anyone who is starting off exploring makeup and is a great gift too. We mostly will get scared of colours like those, but trust me, you can create some fantastic festive, Indian wedding appropriate looks as well.

The pigmentation on the colours overall is pretty consistent, some colours may require more layering than others. There is also variety in terms of the finish, some have tiny glitter flex in them, while some have a metallic sheen, while few appear matte. The only fail shade for me is Rave on, it goes on chalky, being the bright white that it is, you will really know how to work with it to be able to make proper use of it.

On my wish-list from the Pro looks eye shadow palettes is Big Love. I have another palette on my mind too….but this tops the eye shadow palette list.

Stay tuned for reviews on my other palettes from Makeup Revolution.


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