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Winter Skin care products I love right now

Winter time calls for proper skin care. I am guilty for not being an avid moisturizer, but the pregnancy and the winters in Hyderabad this time around are screaming for skin hydration. Here’s a rundown of the products that I have been using, and almost done with! Sharing the love this winter….
1. 1. Himalaya for Moms Toning massage oil– I have already reviewed the product on my blog, you can check that out here. I especially love this oil because a winter pregnancy can be even more difficult on your skin. The non-sticky consistency, and calming lavender scent is divine. It’s easy to apply and definitely will purchase another bottle once I run out of this.

2. Boro Plus Total results moisturising lotion (Grapes and Olive oil)- This lotion even though I applied on my face completely changed the game for me. My skin was a mess due to dryness, and while I was applying my regular moisturizer, my skin just needed something extra. The husband dropped by a pharmacy and picked this up upon recommendation. I love it!, it smells beautiful and does the job superfast. It says on the label that it’s developed by Ayurvedic and international skin experts to treat 8 signs of dryness ie unhealthy, itchy, tight, rough, papery, flaky, dull and no suppleness, sadly I was facing almost all except dullness. I used it twice a day as instructed and am a sure shot fan. Boro Plus is ayurvedic, strangely I didn’t know that. I am gravitating towards ayurvedic/organic/natural skin care and exploring more and more options not just as a mother for the kids but also for myself.

3. Himalaya for Moms Body butter– This is my go-to hand cream substitute right now. You can read detailed review on my blog. I have already run out of the Lavender fragrance, and gave the rose one to my mom and am almost done with the jasmine. When you’re finishing off products, you know you loved them.

4. Biotique Bio Morning Nectar– This lotion has been sitting around for quite some time. The bottle was already half empty when I found it in my stash, and decided to revisit it. I will definitely run out of this within few days. Again Biotique is an ayurvedic brand which has a vast range of products, readily available and at a very nice price point. They also do baby products. I am not a fan of their packaging, but product consistency is runny enough to be able to spread it evenly over your skin. The directions on the bottle talk about the face and neck, however I prefer using this on the body because of its consistency.

5. Bio-Oil– This is my pregnancy discovery for stretch marks. A little goes a long way for Bio-Oil. Right into second trimester when I started to notice a visible increase in my belly size I decided I didn’t want to purchase the Palmers Body butter I used last time, it didn’t use much, I didn’t like the smell and stickiness of it and hence ended up with stretch marks. But this time I headed the trusty Bio-Oil route and purchased the 125ML size and love how effective it is. A little goes a long way. I only apply it to the stretch marks prone belly and waist area and the Himalaya for Moms toning massage oil for the rest of the body. So far I love it and highly recommend it. Application twice a day is justified and its nonstick nature makes it a very practical product.

6. Lip care- I am almost out of my favourite ever lip balm i.e. Vichy Aqualia Thermal I have left the last half cm of it in my bag for one the go use. And am now back to basics with Vaseline, the cute tiny tub is handy and frankly I didn’t know it existed. I want to try out herbal lip balms from Kama Ayurveda. Will purchase once I am done with these.
Have you tried any of the Kama Ayurveda products? I am curious about their scent, that’s the only hesitation I have with ayurvedic products- the fragrance of the products.




So that’s a run down of winter products…What have you been using?


What 2016 taught me

It’s different this time, I started off the year with certain goals in mind and while they flew out the window the only realization I have left with me is to not be stupid again.
I have learned quite a few life lessons this year I will share the top three only….The beauty of life lessons is that they don’t necessarily need to come from your own life, being observant of others helps tremendously. So let’s get into it..
Lesson 1. Having faith is everything. There have been real lows in my life this year, and I continue to be in some of them still. But every time I felt lost, and confused the only hope came from having faith. I used to lose hope very quickly, and it takes a lot to get my spirits up. But not anymore, now I have figured out that when I see a cloud of hopelessness come toward me, I just skip the steps of sadness, and misery and hop on to what saves me, ie faith. Having faith in God helps you because He is the most powerful, so while the humans of the world can try to snatch away your happiness with their actions and intentions, you need not worry because they aren’t all powerful! And a regular dose of exploring faith, and just the mercy of Allah can help you stay on the track of positivity. It is important to be sane to be able to deal with hardships. And being calm in the storm is the key to success.
Lesson 2- No one deserves trust and respect unless they prove it. We will hear 10000 versions of opinions about a person from different people, but there’s no guarantee you will have the same holy experience. In fact human beings do a great job at hiding their true self, it’s a talent. Animals have more honesty in that respect, so there’s absolutely no need to have blind trust in anyone unless they have proved to your satisfaction that they are worthy of it. Have positive thoughts and opinions about everyone, innocent until proven guilty. But don’t be stupid and naïve enough to put your trust in someone’s hands just based on words.


Lesson 3. There are good people in the world. There are. And if you’re lucky enough to attract any of them be super grateful and honest with them. Because you being chosen for another good human being is a blessing for yourself. Trust that your goodness can help others, and bring positivity into the life of another human being. Relationships have to be built on mutual love, trust and respect. Not taking anyone for granted is very important; it’s the only way to build and grow the positive circle around you.
Life is about growing; I have been observant of the people around me this year and noticed that those who don’t grow tend to never do justice to their purpose of existence. And I refuse to be one of those. Sometimes the best role model for you will be you and your own experiences. Respect is very difficult to attain, and sadly some people just don’t know how to handle it while they have it, and lose it all in their ego and high headedness. Our purpose in life is simple, it was never meant to be complicated, the sooner we figure it out the more productive we will be and hopefully die attaining it.

The OBGYN search stress in Hyderabad pt.2/2

Welcome back to the last few pointers for tips and tricks on finding a good OBGYN. You can check out part one here if you haven’t already/ to refresh your memory. So let’s get cracking…

5. Doctors who don’t give you time aren’t worth it- Trust me. I have been to Fernanadez, and I really do not understand what I paid for in the consultation. I do not doubt the doctors credentials or experience, because I hardly spoke to her for 5 minutes. She was too busy running around, patient hopping. Practo gave me good information about her, but what’s the point in paying 500 for a consultation, all to end up meeting a student doctor? I was appalled also because I have a high risk pregnancy and was recommended by my OBGYN to continue treatment there as they are more “equipped”. I had only one appointment and that was enough trauma to ever go back or even recommend it to anyone. A lesson I learned while at Fernandez is that doctors have now mastered the art of drama. Money making depends on how many patients can be admitted in “emergency”, and for procedures that are truly not required, taking advantage of the patients vulnerable condition. I am not anti-making money, doctors work hard to educate themselves and climb up the career ladder, but making money through means of manipulation in any field is not tolerable to me. Apart from the fact that your own hard earned money is used in such unnecessary procedures, it’s the anxiety that you didn’t ask for that takes a toll on you.

Image result for obgyn clipart

6. Go with the baby daddy- A mans view on things makes a lot of difference when you’re already hormonal. The beauty of being pregnant is in the irrationality of it all. We women can’t deny it, no matter how independent you are. The morning sickness, cravings, mood swings all make it difficult to even pay attention sometimes. Get the baby daddy involved. Make the decisions together upon discussion later, but let him be present, ask the questions on his mind, it’s his baby too, and he has to take care of you. Here I would also recommend to go to hospitals that allow you to have your partner with you. Be it in scans or consultations. Sometimes there will be too many patients going in and out and they may want to restrict entry of males for privacy reasons, but request the doctor that you want him to be present when discussing your condition, you may be asked to wait for some time, but it will be worth it.
7. Second opinions are your right- Don’t be afraid to take second opinions on the minutest of things. Advice in India will come from all directions, and if your doctor doesn’t seem convincing enough, take a second opinion in the same nursing home or hospital, or another. It may initially lead to confusion, which is fair enough, but eventually you will know you made a decision after hustling. Also note, doctors who get offended if patients have taken a second opinion are not worth your time, they don’t care about you, they merely care about themselves and their ego. Granted they may have accumulated decades of experience, but you haven’t! and they have no right to dictate your considerations. In the end it’s your body, your pregnancy and your baby.
8. Check out the facilities- Not just the room, the pediatric facilities at the hospital/nursing home as well. You can go around to the NICU or the pediatric unit to find out about the same, don’t hesitate in building information. I have done it, at so many hospitals, and you will be grateful and happy in the end. You owe it to your baby.
9. Read documents- I was surprised that Fernandez asked me to sign an acknowledgement that my doctor may not be available for consultations, delivery, complications etc. And me having a high risk pregnancy was taken aback by that. Maybe this won’t be such an issue in a normal pregnancy. However it’s important to know the timings of your doctor and when she would be available. Apart from emergencies there may be arise a need to take an appointment prior to the date set, and in those cases it’s even more crucial to be able to meet your OBGYN and not someone else. They may be qualified, but they’re not the doctor you’re consulting.
10. Expensive and popular hospitals are good- A belief most of us have, but may not be true. Yes they may be cleaner, with a better ambiance, well dressed staff, a polite reception person but trust me not all are what they seem to be projecting. Delivery and several OBGYN procedures have been performed since centuries, you are most likely to end up paying close to a fortune for the ABC of gyneac procedures. You can call other hospitals near you to find out about their charges just over the phone. It’s obvious that a big hospital has more payments to make in terms of salaries, and upkeep of the vicinity, all of that is added to each and every procedure. You may sometimes find that scans and procedural tests are cheaper at reputed diagnostic centers. Simply confirm with your hospital if they accept that particular diagnostic centers reports, and if not, what reason do they have. Based on the confidence of the response from the person, and other signs go ahead with the diagnostic center, the doctor won’t send you back for them. Trust that these diagnostic centers aren’t running a game, and you have the right to be a sound consumer who has the right to be money savvy. Save up for the delivery and other big procedures, and get tests and or scans done at a diagnostic center near you. A trick while speaking to the concerned person at the hospital is to tell them you’re staying very far away, and travelling isn’t possible, with the morning sickness etc. their tone will completely change. The people who sit in the pathology department aren’t trained to be money suckers! They know how simple a test or scan is. Two things may happen, either they will tell you which diagnostic center to go, or be clear that the prescribed test/scan is complex and requires to be done at the hospital. You can have this discussion over the phone or in person, I have tried both. In person both you and your partner can be present, but stay calm, and listen. You don’t want to sound like you’ve already made up your mind.

Being friendly with the staff always helps. The nurses that check your BP and weight, the reception staff even the dayaas. They all work hard, and don’t earn their fair share of income most of the time. Being friendly with them can also help in gathering inside information, or just simply getting some extra emotional support. Trust me in pregnancy you will want all the emotional support you want. I would also advice to not break any hospital rules by bribing anyone or giving money. Your kindness should be sufficient, have trust in the human being you are. Making a person smile on a hectic work day will do wonders for their self-esteem than a note. Get them a box of sweets as a display of gratitude, that would be better.

Have you liked any of these tips? Do you have any you want to share? Leave them in the comments below and spread sanity!


Makeup Revolution London Eat sleep make-up repeat palette

I have to say I love eye-makeup. The amount of time I spend watching YouTube videos of beauty gurus is irrational. But when it came to eye shadows I don’t know why, but I always preferred single eye shadows over palettes. Only in the recent past have I understood the significance and practicality of palettes in terms of money value, and brand exposure.


When you’re new to make-up, or want to experiment with a new brand of make-up, or just want to try on different colours or textures palettes are the best way to go. Unless the brand is doing a proper rubbish job, you won’t be fully dissatisfied with any palette. Make-up revolution is known for their affordable range of make-up especially palettes. This is my third eye-shadow palette from the brand that I purchased and not only do I love it, but am tempted to buy everything the brand has to offer!


Let’s dive into pics and swatches of the Makeup Revolution Pro Looks Palette Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat

Packaging: The palette comes in a card board case. The actual palette is made of plastic and has a total of 15 shades. This is the most vibrant palette from the Pro Looks eye shadow collection. I purchased it for the same reason. It’s divided into three sections, and the layout is just beautiful. A huge mirror and a two sided sponge applicator comes with it. Eat section has a white shade on top, and they go from plain white to pearly white and end with a shimmery white. They pair well with any of the eyeshadows in the palette and the fun colours can be mixed and matched for an insane variety of looks. There’s a transparent film on top with the names of all the shades.


Starting from section 1 (swatches without and with flash)

Rave on (on top)

Say it Now, Right Now, Right Here (Left-Right)

Final Track (bottom)

Rave off (on top)

Needle On, Hot track, Re-mix (Left-Right)

Eat everything (bottom)

Repeat Again (on top)

Sleep All Day, Rave All Night, Magician (Left-Right)

Ibiza Heaven (bottom)

This palette is definitely not for the neutrals lover. I recommend it to anyone who is starting off exploring makeup and is a great gift too. We mostly will get scared of colours like those, but trust me, you can create some fantastic festive, Indian wedding appropriate looks as well.

The pigmentation on the colours overall is pretty consistent, some colours may require more layering than others. There is also variety in terms of the finish, some have tiny glitter flex in them, while some have a metallic sheen, while few appear matte. The only fail shade for me is Rave on, it goes on chalky, being the bright white that it is, you will really know how to work with it to be able to make proper use of it.

On my wish-list from the Pro looks eye shadow palettes is Big Love. I have another palette on my mind too….but this tops the eye shadow palette list.

Stay tuned for reviews on my other palettes from Makeup Revolution.

The OBGYN search stress in Hyderabad pt.1/2

You found out you’re pregnant! You tested your pee via an at-home pregnancy test, or went straight to the doc. It’s been established. Congratulations!!

If this is your first or not doesn’t matter when it comes to having to deal with finding the doctor that you want to consult, if you do not have a history of pregnancy complications, you can begin the excitement party, however if you wish to change your doctor, you are in for the stress ride of your life!

I shall share with you my experience and recommendations on how to decide on an OBGYN. As a woman and mother I strongly believe it is my responsibility to share this information, pregnancy isn’t meant to be stressful, and if I can eliminate even 2% of foreseeable stress I will!

Image result for obgyn logo

1.     1.  Don’t blindly follow people- You will get advice on many doctors from family and friends. But it’s best to decide on your own based on your own interaction with not just the doctor but the hospital staff as well. My point is, just because your friend was satisfied with her doctor doesn’t mean that you will too. At the same time, don’t blindly follow negative advice as well; every nursing home/hospital will have hits and misses with their patients. You need to make your decision based on your personal experience, it’s good to keep your eyes and ears open and be cautious, but don’t rule out anything based on what others say.

2.     2.  First trimester experiments- Your first trimester is the best time to do doctor hopping. It’s a relatively safe zone, all doctors will put you on multivitamins. Unless it’s a high risk pregnancy, there maybe other protocol but otherwise you’re in the safe zone to not just move around physically but also emotionally you’ll be in a stable state to explore the options you have.

3.      3.Ask, ask ask!- Don’t hesistate to ask questions, you’re responsible for the little embryo in you and you owe it to him/her to be informed and make the best decisions. And you can’t make informed decisions without information! Many people are afraid to ask doctors why certain tests/medicines/procedures are being prescribed, it’s your body, you have all the right. If the doctor is confident and experienced they won’t dismiss your queries. A lot of the time the only questioning couples tend to do are with the reception about the “delivery packages”, while that is a valid and important query, how you’re taken care of during the course of the pregnancy holds a lot of weightage. Be open with your doctor, if you don’t like their tone, or the lack of attention they’re giving you voice your concerns. Sadly some doctors won’t even give you time, a student will meet you, take your history and information and you will leave confused. This happens especially if the hospital is thriving on the name they have made and not the care they provide to the patients.

4.      4. Understand that this isn’t like any other experience- 9 months is a big chunk of your life, it’s not a cold or cough, that you can make do with any random medication or advice from a so-so doctor. You have to make sure that you are emotionally able to handle what comes your way good/bad. Pregnancy complications are becoming very common, and while I wouldn’t suggest you worry about them, it’s practical to keep that in the back of your mind while choosing a doctor. Will your doctor and the hospital be able to cater to complications? Do you trust your doctor enough in scenarios of such complications. Usually you’ll know from the beginning if you would get along with the doctor, just by how they communicate and treat you in routine visits.

Stay tuned for part two with 6 more pointers……