Winter Skin care products I love right now

Winter time calls for proper skin care. I am guilty for not being an avid moisturizer, but the pregnancy and the winters in Hyderabad this time around are screaming for skin hydration. Here’s a rundown of the products that I have been using, and almost done with! Sharing the love this winter….
1. 1. Himalaya for Moms Toning massage oil– I have already reviewed the product on my blog, you can check that out here. I especially love this oil because a winter pregnancy can be even more difficult on your skin. The non-sticky consistency, and calming lavender scent is divine. It’s easy to apply and definitely will purchase another bottle once I run out of this.

2. Boro Plus Total results moisturising lotion (Grapes and Olive oil)- This lotion even though I applied on my face completely changed the game for me. My skin was a mess due to dryness, and while I was applying my regular moisturizer, my skin just needed something extra. The husband dropped by a pharmacy and picked this up upon recommendation. I love it!, it smells beautiful and does the job superfast. It says on the label that it’s developed by Ayurvedic and international skin experts to treat 8 signs of dryness ie unhealthy, itchy, tight, rough, papery, flaky, dull and no suppleness, sadly I was facing almost all except dullness. I used it twice a day as instructed and am a sure shot fan. Boro Plus is ayurvedic, strangely I didn’t know that. I am gravitating towards ayurvedic/organic/natural skin care and exploring more and more options not just as a mother for the kids but also for myself.

3. Himalaya for Moms Body butter– This is my go-to hand cream substitute right now. You can read detailed review on my blog. I have already run out of the Lavender fragrance, and gave the rose one to my mom and am almost done with the jasmine. When you’re finishing off products, you know you loved them.

4. Biotique Bio Morning Nectar– This lotion has been sitting around for quite some time. The bottle was already half empty when I found it in my stash, and decided to revisit it. I will definitely run out of this within few days. Again Biotique is an ayurvedic brand which has a vast range of products, readily available and at a very nice price point. They also do baby products. I am not a fan of their packaging, but product consistency is runny enough to be able to spread it evenly over your skin. The directions on the bottle talk about the face and neck, however I prefer using this on the body because of its consistency.

5. Bio-Oil– This is my pregnancy discovery for stretch marks. A little goes a long way for Bio-Oil. Right into second trimester when I started to notice a visible increase in my belly size I decided I didn’t want to purchase the Palmers Body butter I used last time, it didn’t use much, I didn’t like the smell and stickiness of it and hence ended up with stretch marks. But this time I headed the trusty Bio-Oil route and purchased the 125ML size and love how effective it is. A little goes a long way. I only apply it to the stretch marks prone belly and waist area and the Himalaya for Moms toning massage oil for the rest of the body. So far I love it and highly recommend it. Application twice a day is justified and its nonstick nature makes it a very practical product.

6. Lip care- I am almost out of my favourite ever lip balm i.e. Vichy Aqualia Thermal I have left the last half cm of it in my bag for one the go use. And am now back to basics with Vaseline, the cute tiny tub is handy and frankly I didn’t know it existed. I want to try out herbal lip balms from Kama Ayurveda. Will purchase once I am done with these.
Have you tried any of the Kama Ayurveda products? I am curious about their scent, that’s the only hesitation I have with ayurvedic products- the fragrance of the products.




So that’s a run down of winter products…What have you been using?



Tip Tuesday- Skincare near bed

Being a mom and taking care of your skin can be quite a task. After a long day you may just want to crash into bed and forget about life. What I have observed is most of us tend to push our skincare routines to the side and not bother. This could be due to various reasons; for me it was excuses and laziness. I used to tell myself that I don’t need to bother, who cares etc. also after hitting the bed I just didn’t want to go and gather all my products and take time with them.

Most of the time this happens because we don’t spend as much time in front of the mirror as we did before children. Most of us may even hate the idea of looking into the mirror because it reminds us of everything that is wrong with our new mommy bodies. But the fact is, a quiet stare into the mirror can really motivate you, and when you start working that beauty regime again, you’ll be happy to notice the positive difference in your skin. This will also boost your confidence and most importantly make you feel good on the inside.

Here’s my tip: Wash your face before hitting the sack. Keep all your moisturisers, eye creams, gels, lip balms/treatments in the drawer next to your bed. This way you can take care of all your beauty from the bed!

It was worked wonders for me, I love how easy it is, and how practical it makes life. These are the products I keep in my side table drawer:

1. Moisturiser (Neutrogena oil-free Moisture for combination skin)Image

2. Eye gel (Biotique Bio-seaweed revitalising anti-fatigue eye gel)

3. Lip balm (Vaseline lip-care total moisture)

4. Hand cream (Neutrogena Hand cream)

5. Body lotion (Vaseline total-moisture in Aloe fresh -these keep changing, I only buy small sizes to keep it interesting)

I don’t use all the products every night, but do tend to use them as needed.

My daughter is three now and I have trained her to not interfere with mummys things, however if your child is small and you fear them attacking your things keep them in a box or makeup bag that they won’t be able to open. No more excuses mommy!

Let me know how you like this tip and if you do the same.